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"OUT OF BOUNDS" by HR (of Bad Brains)

D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) Out Of Bounds Release
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"HR IN DUBB" (EP) by HR (Human Rights) of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) HR IN DUBB

"HR IN DUB" CD available on ITUNES, AMAZON MP3. EMUSIC, GOOGLE PLAY and SPOTIFY. "HR IN DUBB" will be live on RHOPSODY soon.

(Senor Drummer Extraordinaire)

David Cornejo with D.I.A's Dub AgentCredit is very important especially in the music business. Credit is especially important playing with a world-legend like HR Official. David, you have a very unique style of drumming that is your trademark man. You kick ass dude. Saying thanks is also very important. So on behalf of HR Human Rights (or HR Official), THANK YOU very much for rolling with the Dubb Agents under the Global Rock Showcase backing HR Human Rights, David. You are a good and loyal trooper plus road-warrior. Crashing on the floor on a cold snowstorm night Upstate New York - U.S.A. on January 18/19, 2014, spoke volumes.

Several musicians have played with HR (of Bad Brains) over the years. I personally brought a lot of these musicians into the circle to back HR. I've given some of these musicians the chance to embark on their first National (U.S.A) tour with pro-pay and all the perks, (where available) sometimes. Majority of them forgot that start... Some musicians I have inherited when I started to manage HR in 1991. The majority of these musicians got on board to further their music careers using association with HR (or Human Rights) as an important reference for their resume. While some musicians played their best, backing HR was secondary. Majority of these musicians did not realize what Human Rights means. I've seen it all with dudes trying to live the rock star lifestyle. The one musician that gave 100% without any hidden agenda plus fit into the "Human Rights" brand was David Cornejo. David played his part backing HR 100%. David Cornejo is even steps above HR's blood brother Earl Hudson regarding support of HR's career. David Cornejo with D.I.A's Dub AgentDavid Cornejo is also steps above Al Anderson (Wailer) who played about three gigs under my (D.I.A/JameKee) watch. If backing HR was not centered around career advancement -- it was solely about hustling a salary.

David Cornejo is perfectly a diverse drummer who can slap skins for any band. Dude can play the hell out of any genre -- global rock, rock, punk, funk, jazz, gospel, punk, any latin sound, hiphop, classical, etc... It was awesome having you on the road David. The sky is the limit for you!!! You will be highly successful!!!

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