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    (bassist from The Expendables)
    Ryan Demars Bassist of The Expendables.
    Ryan was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

    The Rocsta
    Mark Shine the Rocsta at Blue Notes NYC.

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    Inverted Paradox: Various Artists

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    Artists: HR (of Bad Brains), Jez Blak , Snuupi, Li-On, Roguish Armament, Bobby Culture, Merciless & Bumfounded .


    Global Rock Radio (GRR) 'The Muzikal UPRISING.'  Click for Global Rock Radio Youtube outtake
    GLOBAL ROCK RADIO component will be GRROWLING again with the artful blend of punk, reggae, ska, funk, metal, hiphop... The very first Global Rock Radio 2-part program was produced for KPFZ - 104.5 FM (then) in Lucerne -- California June 5, 2002, at then Ed Robinson's Tiftam in Brooklyn -- NY, USA. Click Global Rock Radio logo for a sample and stay tuned while we rewind GRR and come again.

    Street Ragz Garments Home
    Street Ragz Winter Skullys

    SOOOO... Lemon & Martin from an East LA band are braggin' they pointed shotgun @ D.I.A's back. Stay tuned for how an "ice-water in vein" Souljah handled it. Naaa. Didn't called cops.


    Light-years Ahead. Global Rock In Effect!!

    Fantra Zine Media Alert!

    Obama-Bush image pilfered from


    Like coastline altering Hurricane Sandy trashing the East Coast, HUSSEIN OBAMA ruffed up Mitt Romney and the old skool Reps once more and won the 2012 General Election convincingly. It was like an amBUSH. Romney looked composed during his concession speech but dude was imploding like the WTC internally. A couple certain things about the 2012 Election -- it confirms how divided America is along racial lines especially in the Christian-gun-belt States (no surprise -- like it or not racism in all its varying degrees is a consistent lifestyle man); plus the 2012 Election finally unveiled the full complexion and sub-groups make-up of the USA. WASPs are basically in the minority. But what is to be expected. For two or three generations, the typical white family has been four members -- mom, dad and two kids. And regarding Black and Hispanic families -- well they never stopped having fun with the horizontal mambo in the bedroom. The result -- 7, 11 and 22-member families. Do the math over two or three generations.

    Overall the most important takeaway is -- the USA is #1 and voters are extremely smart. They looked beyond the rhetoric and negative campaigns! Despite voter suppression and efforts to reinstate Apartheid (Minority Rule) in the USA, majority of the USA voters reelected a half-white man to the Oval Office. America chose the better man for the job once more. And Americans sent a strong message to phat katz who tried to purchase the Presidential Office.

    Pushing the boulder up and over the mountain will not be easier. Same obstacles are still in place. But if anyone can move the USA forward (hopefully without decisive partisan gridlock politricks) in favor of all Americans, it is PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Where will Bill O'Reilly’s spin stops after the first 100 days of President Obama’s second term.

    So did Sandy played a role in helping to reelect President Obama? Of course the super-storm did. And it was right on time. Now, was Hurricane Sandy man-made? YES IT WAS!! And it is not about Global Warming -- or is it. HAARP on this boyz and gurlz. Out in the middle of No Where, Alaska (and a few other locations worldwide) stands an impressive cluster of antennas that transmit infrared beams or radio waves into the atmosphere to regulate weather patterns, etc. Haha. Where do you think all those missing trillions went to during GW’s reign. Oh yea. GW was the greatest President in the history of the USA!

    And regarding Colin Powell’s second endorsement of President Obama, like the first, it was symbolic of Reps who supported the President especially since they were not in favor Mitt Romney.

    Okay -- so the National Election is over. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! But not so fast...! Jack dat up!! "There they go again." It is time to start campaigning for the Mid-term Elections. And there is no escape. Twenty-four hour cable news will make certian of that. Q: When does politicians work?

    Mark Shine Defending Human Rights First MARK SHINE ROCSTA MOVEMENT!

    Born in the UK of English (Mom) and Jamaican (Pop) parentage, MARK SHINE was 2 years old when his family moved to Jamaica. Guided by his Grandmother (a school teacher) plus local JA color and culture, Mark was introduced to artistry which helped in developing an early passion for muzik. Mark Shine's appreciation for a wide variety of muzik naturally steered him to identify with different sounds including rhythm & blues, rock, gospel, jazz and reggae. Singing and entertaining enable Mark to represent Jamaica locally and on the international scene via various competitions.

    Mark Shine's muzikal career has taken him to Mexico, Central and South America, India, back to London, and currently here in the USA. The meshing of all experienced cultures helped define Mark's sound and philosophy which has roots embedded in his Father's life as a Church Deacon. Mark's zeal for artistic diversity inspired him to form the movement ROCSTA (Reconnecting Our Mark Shine The Rocksta performing at the Blue Note NYC. Cultural Similarities Through Artistry) Society. Via the ROCSTA vibez Mark Shine expresses his "musical vibe of love" to a wide spectrum of people.

    Listen -- MARK SHINE is not just a mere artist. Mark Shine is an accomplished songwriter, musician, artist and entertainer. Mark Shine has a solid recording history which includes crucial tracks such as "Metamorphosis", "I'm a Butterfly" (got BET Jazz play), "Take me to Jamaica", "One People", "Reggae Rule" and "Stories". Yea! Each track is a storied journey!

    Mark Shine will be running the Reggae Marathon in Negril, Jamaica December 01, 2012.

    Check: Mark Shine FaceBook; Rocksta TV Youtube.


    $10 per gallon gas in New York City In the wake of Sandy – petrol was being scalped for $10. per gallon in New York City long before it was reported gas hit the $30. per gal mark. Here is how it was done. Motorists would wait in line to fill up then return to their hoods to siphon gas for ten dollars per gallon. Only in Gotham City...

    Chaos set in at gas stations as lines grew longer after Sandy blew over. And the fragile existence of human beings was elevated to near panic mode. In an area where two out of three gas stations were closed, some citizens got restlessly nasty. At the opened station, an African was shouting at an East Indian and the East Indian was shouting at an Arab -- and so on. (Pretty interesting exchange of words since they were all speaking broken English in their native accent. It was lke a UN Meeting man.) Cars could barely get in or out of the gas station because exits and entrances were blocked by panicking dwellers of Gotham. You figure grown “responsible” folks would behave in an orderly fashion but that was not the case. The fear of not getting gas flared tempers.

    Closed Gas Station in New York CityFor the 10 hours that Sandy was passing over the region – it was like some folks’ front doors and entire buildings were washed with the blood of a Spring Lamb. No effects from the super-storm. But others did not fear so well especially on Staten Island. Lives were lost. Homes were demolished. There was severe power outage. Streets were flooded. Folks were left homeless in once stable middle class neighborhoods. Unlike New Orleans when Catherina hit, FEMA was there immediately to help. After it is said and done – wonder if folks will rebuild homes on the sand.

    What is the deal with the Scarlet Cross? The Scarlet Cross was not there initially for Staten Islanders. People -- the alternative is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army helps people in need without high-profile fanfare. The Scarlet Cross is too Hollywood man.

    New Yorkers have a false sense of resilience when it comes to natural disasters striking. A hurricane could only damage Florida and Gulf Coast – not NYC. An earthquake could only damage California – not New York. A tornado Car Bumper Mutilation in New York Citycould only level Tornado Ally – never New York City. Prior Sandy, the last time New Yorkers encountered an extreme disaster was 9-11 when the World Trade Center imploded. For about two weeks after, it was amazing to see how super-congenial people were to each other. But human beigns have a short memory. After the shock wore off it was a dog-eat-dog hustle - Bumper Mutilation Guard and a return to “bumper mutilation” (the act of beating the heck out of another person's car nudging it forward or backwards while parallel parking). There is absolutely no concern or respect for OPP (other people's property). If there are survivors after doomsday, how will human beigns behave? One could see why some folks stockpile food and setup armed fortresses.

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