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    Ryan Demars Bassist of The Expendables.
    Ryan was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma...

  • * POSITIVE MIND: HEAL THY SELF! by Pauline Bloise Taylor.
    Pauline Bloise Taylor/DIA

    The Rocsta
    Mark Shine the Rocsta at Blue Notes NYC.

  • D.I.A Records
    (Various Artists):

    Inverted Paradox: Various Artists

    as well as via PAYPAL orders: Cost -- $49.99. FREE Shipping & Handling in U.S.A. Overseas add an additional $15, USD for shipping.):
    Artists: HR (of Bad Brains), Jez Blak , Snuupi, Li-On, Roguish Armament, Bobby Culture, Merciless & Bumfounded.

    Global Rock Radio (GRR) 'The Muzikal UPRISING.' Click for Global Rock Radio Youtube outtake
    GLOBAL ROCK RADIO component will be GRROWLING again with the artful blend of punk, reggae, ska, funk, metal, hiphop... The very first Global Rock Radio 2-part program was produced for KPFZ - 104.5 FM (then) in Lucerne -- California June 5, 2002, at then Ed Robinson's Tiftam in Brooklyn -- NY, USA. Click Global Rock Radio logo for a sample and stay tuned while we rewind GRR and come again.

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    GUN VIOLENCE: SOOOO... Mizraim “Lemon” Leal (guitarist) & Martin Perez (bassist) from East LA band Qinto Sol are braggin' they pointed a shotgun @ D.I.A's back. There was absolutely no provoking reason for the cowardly act witnessed by members of the band. Winston Reidy was sitting in the front passenger seat. Dennis Alcapone was in the first bench seat. The other members of the band were sitting in the backseats. I (DIA) did not see the act of Lemon actually pointing the gun at me. Extremely tired, I was sitting in the driver's seat of the white 15 passenger van with head leaned against the door with eyes closed half asleep. I faintly heard what seems to be an argument at the opened sliding passenger door. When I turned to see what was going on, Lemon was standing outside the door with a shotgun shoulder height pointing up the alley to the back of the van towards the Street. After returning the shotgun to the building, it was quite entertaining to see the now rattled-voice Lemon slouched into the van and slumped nervously between the two horn-section cohorts Abe Gonzalez and Rubin Duzaro who were texting crap to him in his absence prior the incident. Stay tuned for how an "ice-water-in-vein-stand-alone" Souljah handled the situation without flinching. Naaah. Didn't called cops. Hey fellaz -- it is not a sold-out" gig at House Of Blues or any other venue if every individual got in free.

    ANOTHER GUN VIOLENCE ASSUALT IN THE USA: 12.14.12, 20 innocent children and 6 adults were murdered in Newtown, Connecticut. What is the deal with all these senseless massacres in the USA? Regulate rules on gun ownership. Why did a teacher in a sleepy country suburb owned an assualt rifle/guns? Paranoia maybe! This is a lot twisted! No excuse.

    Cradle All The Souls and guide them to sit by your side Heavenly Father!! Stop selling assualt firearms to people. Change the rules for owning a gun or guns!! Columbine . Virginia Tech . Aroara .O regon Mall Shooting . Travon Martin . Tucson . The Streets . Jordon Davis . Adam Lanza . Oak Creek. LI Railroad . DC Sniper
    Columbine . Oregon Mall Shooting . Virginia Tech . Aroara . Travon Martin . The Streets . Jordon Davis . Adam Lanza . Oak Creek . DC Sniper

    D.I.A Graff

    Fantra Zine Media Alert!

    The Expendables


    The Expendables: l-r -- Ryan DeMars (Bass), Geoff Weers (Guitar and Vocals), Raul Bianchi (Lead Guitar) and Adam Patterson (Drums and Vocals).
    The first time seeing THE EXPENDABLES was back in 2005, opening for HR & Dubb Agents and Barrington Levy at House Of Blues, Downtown Disney, Anaheim, Cali. It was all about business from loading-in, performing and loading out. The same thing happened at House Of Blues -- Sunset, Hollywood, Cali, the following day. And in their hometown of Santa Cruz a couple days later, it was the same “set of no-nonsense values” but more intensified. Dudes were like a finely tuned nitro-charged 16 cylinder fossil fuel burning engine. The Catalyst was corked, and peeps were all The Expendables fans. It is a big fuckin’ deal when international acts have to open for a young upwardly mobil local band in their hood. Another important factor is how The Expendables mingled and interacted with their fans. Dudes were humble and congenial to everyone it seems. Now fast fwd to seven years later (2012) at Erving Plaza in NYC – it was the same set of Dudes all over again – great show plus the same down-to-earth fans interaction. Posers should take notes on “How To Be A National Act.” The Expendables are winners of the Road Warrior Award, yo.

    The Expendables Live. The Expendables have been tenaciously touring the USA since they formed back in 1997, out of Santa Cruz, CA. The band consists of Geoff Weers (Guitar and Vocals), Adam Patterson (Drums and Vocals), Raul Bianchi (Lead Guitar) and Ryan DeMars (Bass). The Expendables have claimed their stake in the California surf/rock genre by headlining venues from coast to coast and sharing the stage with acts such as Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, 311, NoFX, Less Than Jake and Pennywise to name a few. Blending Reggae, Punk Rock, and 80s style dueling guitar solos, The Expendables have made heads turn and floors shake for years.

    With five full-length albums under their belts, they released their sixth album this year which was also their first acoustic album, titled “Gone Soft.” Ryan DeMars bassist for The Expendables palming an Ernie Ball  bass. Alongside their release, they have been busy touring the country, most recently, co-headlining with Iration on The Domination Presents The Expendables and Iration fall tour.

    This tour, however, came to be a different experience when they received devastating news that their bassist and best friend, Ryan, was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. For the first time in their fifteen-year career, Ryan was unable to join them on the tour as he started chemo therapy on his journey to recovery.

    In light of this news, the band started a trust fund under “DeMars Trust” which fans can contribute donations to help alleviate Ryan’s costly medical bills. The band also created awareness bracelets with “Positive Mind” engraved into them. These Positive Mind bracelets were sold at every show on their Domination Tour, receiving a free raffle ticket with every purchase to enter to win an Ernie Ball bass guitar signed by the band.

    Pls send donations to: DeMars Trust, C/O: Silverback Management, 1013 N. Orange Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90038. With the amazing support from his family, friends, band mates and fans, Ryan has been on a positive track towards beating his cancer. He will be back on stage for their New Years Eve extravaganza at The Hollywood Palladium with Rebelution.

    All donations to help Ryan can be sent to:

    “DeMars Trust” Attn: DeMars Trust, C/O: Silverback Management, 1013 N. Orange Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90038

    Or by making a deposit to DeMarst Trust via: Bank of America account #: 164100325932

    Any remaining funds after Ryan's medical costs will be donated to charity.

    FREE 'POSITIVE MIND' MP3 for FOLKS who DONATE to the DeMARS TRUST: 'POSITIVE MIND' track is from THE EXPENDABLES' "GONE SOFT" cd. The song is a crucial A+ recording. For the free 'Positive Mind' MP3 just send an email via On behalf of Ryan DeMars, DeMars Trust, The Expendables and SilverBack Management/Music, 'Positive Mind' MP3 will be sent to you. Thank you very much for your support!! All The Very Best!!

    Positive Mind: Heal Thy Self by Pauline Bloise Taylor and D.I.A
    This “Positive Mind Heal Thy Self” piece was written solely as an alternate view on eating healthy and not as medical treatment of any kind.

    Yo Ryan This Is GR Setting The Example Man. Eat Your Vegitables Big Man. Often, life can blindside you with an impact similar to getting hit by a Mack truck. BAM!! And your direction is veered off course. Health complication is always a disorienting factor. And getting the news of being diagnosed with cancer is the Mack truck. The debilitating news of having cancer usually prompts a wall of uncertainty. So one could just imagine how Ryan DeMars and others with similar news felt. It probably was not easy on his love ones including family and close friends. The positive is, in Ryan’s case, it seems the condition was caught early, and the cancer is treatable. Now he must make decisions that will lead to recovery and being healthy. The body is wonderful and miraculous vessel. And with a Positive Mind, under the proper conditions and healthy choices, the body can heal itself.

    Pauline Bloise Taylor/DIA. HEALTHY CHOICES: An important yet commonly overlooked tenet of health is to create an alkaline vs. an acidic environment in the body. Cancer, along with any other disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. It does not matter what course of treatment one may have been prescribed, proper nutrition should always be at the center of rehabilitation -- for example, live foods, fresh organic juices teaming with living enzymes that are ready to enliven, nourish and detoxify every cell. A steady diet of organically grown greens and a variety of leafy vegetables which support and create alkalinity within the body is common sense.

    In addition to drinking more raw live juices and eating a variety of fresh greens and foods that produce alkalinity in the body, it is important to regulate our ordinary thought process. When dealing with the challenges of a “major” or “minor” dis-ease, the value of cultivating an affirmative, Pauline Bloise Taylor/DIA. optimistic outlook cannot be underestimated or overrated. After an initial diagnosis and the aftershock, the immediate challenge is not to stay overwhelmed, but to begin developing a more empowering, affirmative outlook. This is different for everyone and you must know what uplifts or works for you. You must know how to draw strength from life, instead of letting a de-pressed state of mind pushes you down a slippery and declining mental slope which will affect health and the ability to fully heal. And friends and family should realize keeping a positive mind is great support. It is definitely not good to act and behave in a pitiful manner that reminds a person about their condition. It is a great thing for a person to follow prescribed treatment. But it is also great to do things that take your mind off illnesses. For Ryan DeMars he should continue to jam on his bass with his band mates. As D.I.A said – “pity the fool and chase anyone who comes with a sorry pitiful display.”

    Pauline Bloise Taylor/DIA. When facing challenges, health or otherwise, one must take matters in his/her hands and aggressively set the right course of intentions, thoughts and words. We must be vigilant to stand guard at our thought gate and observe if our words are affirming as we speak of anything which pertains to our life. No matter what… in times of illness or any other crisis, remember to eat to live. Nourish the body and keep a positive mind.
    "...POSITIVITY LEADS TO RESPOSIBILITY..." -- The Expendables.

    Mark Shine

    Mark Shine Defending Human Rights First MARK SHINE ROCSTA MOVEMENT!

    Born in the UK of English (Mom) and Jamaican (Pop) parentage, MARK SHINE was 2 years old when his family moved to Jamaica. Guided by his Grandmother (a school teacher) plus local JA color and culture, Mark was introduced to artistry which helped in developing an early passion for muzik. Mark Shine's appreciation for a wide variety of muzik naturally steered him to identify with different sounds including rhythm & blues, rock, gospel, jazz and reggae. Singing and entertaining enable Mark to represent Jamaica locally and on the international scene via various competitions.

    Mark Shine's muzikal career has taken him to Mexico, Central and South America, India, back to London, and currently here in the USA. The meshing of all experienced cultures helped define Mark's sound and philosophy which has roots embedded in his Father's life as a Church Deacon. Mark's zeal for artistic diversity inspired him to form the movement ROCSTA (Reconnecting Our Mark Shine The Rocksta performing at the Blue Note NYC. Cultural Similarities Through Artistry) Society. Via the ROCSTA vibez Mark Shine expresses his "musical vibe of love" to a wide spectrum of people.

    Listen -- MARK SHINE is not just a mere artist. Mark Shine is an accomplished songwriter, musician, artist and entertainer. Mark Shine has a solid recording history which includes crucial tracks such as "Metamorphosis", "I'm a Butterfly" (got BET Jazz play), "Take me to Jamaica", "One People", "Reggae Rule" and "Stories". Yea! Each track is a storied journey!

    Mark Shine's interests include Family first; the social well-being of people; roller blading in and out of taxis' path on Broadway -- NYC; running marathons in Jamaica; venue management -- the infamous Cat's Reggae Club on the Strip in Cancun, Mexico; bee farming -- producing some of the sweetest honey any where on the Third Rock on Jamrock.

    Check: Mark Shine FaceBook; Rocksta TV Youtube.

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