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    RonKat Spearman's Katdelic. Dance On The Mother Ship
    Ronkat Spearman's Katdelic Funk-Rock Sound.

    Soul Radics. Nashville Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae (Global Rock) Sound.

    The Rocsta
    Mark Shine the Rocsta at Blue Notes NYC.

  • D.I.A Records
    (Various Artists):

    Inverted Paradox: Various Artists

    as well as via PAYPAL orders: Cost -- $49.99. FREE Shipping & Handling in U.S.A. Overseas add an additional $15, USD for shipping.):
    Artists: HR (of Bad Brains), Jez Blak , Snuupi, Li-On, Roguish Armament, Bobby Culture, Merciless & Bumfounded.

    Global Rock Radio (GRR) 'The Muzikal UPRISING.' Click for Global Rock Radio Youtube outtake
    GLOBAL ROCK RADIO component will be GRROWLING again with the artful blend of punk, reggae, ska, funk, metal, hiphop...
    The very first Global Rock Radio 2-part program was produced for KPFZ - 104.5 FM (then) in Lucerne -- California June 5, 2002, at then Ed Robinson's Tiftam in Brooklyn -- NY, USA. Click Global Rock Radio logo for a sample and stay tuned while we rewind GRR and come again.

    Street Ragz Garments Home
    Street Ragz Winter Skullys

    Click to hear 'Children Dying' song by Jack Ruby, Jr.

    GUN VIOLENCE:SOOOO... Mizraim “Lemon” Leal (guitarist)
    Mizraim Lemon Leal -- Quinto Sol East Los Angeles
    & Martin Perez (bassist) from East LA band Qinto Sol are braggin' they pointed a shotgun @ D.I.A's back. There was absolutely no provoking reason for the cowardly act witnessed by members of the band. Winston Reidy was sitting in the front passenger seat. Dennis Alcapone was in the first bench seat. The other members of the band were sitting in the backseats. I (DIA) did not see the act of Lemon actually pointing the gun at me. Extremely tired, I was sitting in the driver's seat of the white 15 passenger van with head leaned against the door with eyes closed half asleep. I faintly heard what seems to be an argument at the opened sliding passenger door. When I turned to see what was going on, Lemon was standing outside the door with a shotgun shoulder height pointing up the alley to the back of the van towards the Street. After returning the shotgun to the building, it was quite entertaining to see the now rattled-voice Lemon slouched into the van and slumped nervously between the two horn-section cohorts Abe Gonzalez and Rubin Duzaro who were texting crap to him in his absence prior the incident. Stay tuned for how an "ice-water-in-vein-stand-alone" Souljah handled the situation without flinching. Naaah. Didn't called cops. Nor did I play skavoovie and ran out of town. Hey fellaz -- it is not a sold-out" gig at House Of Blues or any other venue if every individual got in free.

    ANOTHER GUN VIOLENCE ASSUALT IN THE USA: 12.14.12, 20 innocent children and 6 adults were murdered in Newtown, Connecticut. What is the deal with all these senseless massacres in the USA? Regulate rules on gun ownership. Why did a teacher in a sleepy country suburb owned an assualt rifle/guns? Paranoia maybe! This is a lot twisted and there is no justification! Absolutely no excuse. (And this is coming from someone who protected property with a modified shotgun.)

    Cradle All The Souls and guide them to sit by your side Heavenly Father!! Stop selling assualt firearms to people. Change the rules for owning a gun or guns!! Take stock. Columbine . Virginia Tech . Aroara .Oregon Mall Shooting . Travon Martin . The Streets . Jordon Davis . Adam Lanza . Oak Creek. LI Railroad . DC Sniper

    Let us face it, “packing” by most parts gives a false sense of security and macho bravado or female bravado like SE Cup of The Cycle. (Why are you so parnoid mama? I know, lots of wild animals in Mattapan and Dorchester.) Hiding behind the Stars and Stripes, some folks get a charge out of target practicing and blowing up shit like little boys. Sort of like children playing with matches. But why does one needs assault firearms with banana clips? You certainly do not need them to go game hunting. A hunting license varies from State to State and hunters are allowed to take down one or two big games per season. So you don’t need an assault rifle for hunting. Plus, the "sport" in hunting is taking down the hog, deer or bear with one or two shots. I haven't seen any wild pigs (with four feet), in NYC or any urban areas in the lower 48. So what else would you need a banana clips for? For target practice at the shooting range maybe? Why...? Well some think the #1 reason you need assault firearms with high capacity clips is for defense against G-men who might come to drag you from your home unwillingly. Wink, wink… Come on now!! It is not 1812 dude. Come out of the bushes and swap those camo gears for regular clothing man. No excuse! Look how Caucasians advanced when they stop painting themselves blue and descended from the mountains.

    Especially since Hussein Obama became President, new gun ownerships are off the charts. Folks are just super-paranoid x 10. Listen, don't know if there is an official count, but quite possibly, there are more illegal guns out there than legal guns. So think before brandishing on someone!!

    Gun violence in urban areas is a regular occurrace and it has not been a big deal. But gun violence is now a big deal since guns have turned on super-suburbia and white people including innocent children. "Children Dying" is the future dying. Overall there is a war going on in the streets and homes of the USA daily…
    Blood Stained Sidewalk From Gunshot Victim 01.13.13 in NYC. Folks are desensitized. Being eyewitness to someone being murdered does not phase especially young people. They just 'stepped' over the blood stain and 'went' on about their business to play Grand Theft Auto and Gears Of War.
    Columbine . Oregon Mall Shooting . Virginia Tech . Aroara . Travon Martin . Tucson . The Streets daily . Jordon Davis . Adam Lanza . Oak Creek. LI Railroad . DC Sniper

    D.I.A Graff. PEACE & TOLLERANCE! A question to Rev. Al Sharpton... How come you only show up at racially charged high profile shootings (and incidents)? (And you are needed for these incidents.) But ghetto blacks murdering other blacks go unnoticed. Come on Rev! Be a visible advocate against any and all murders man...

    Fantra Zine Media Alert!

    Ronkat Spearman's Katdelic

    RONKAT SPEARMAN'S KATDELIC -- DANCE ON THE MOTHER SHIP... pic credit: Ronkat Spearman stomping through San Francisco.RONKAT SPEARMAN is a BAAAAAD KAT! And his new album D.O.T.M.S. (Dance On The Mother Ship) aint no joke. The entire album is a fresh alternative tune-up of Funk but traditional James Brown, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins sound elements remain foundational.

    Before we board the Mother Ship, here is a bit of accolades: American Music Press -- "Not only does he (RonKat Spearman) sings and play about five different instruments… RonKat is literally a songwriting machine who is able to write a song in less time than it takes most people to write a letter." George Clinton -- "RonKat is a crowd pleaser and he is truly funky." Garry Starchild Shider -- "RonKat kicks Ass!" Steve Murray/Viva Variety -- "RonKat is amazing; the audience loved him; he can play at my show anytime."

    RonKat SpearmanThe Grammy Nominated alumni and BMI Award winning songwriter has a blue chip pedigree history as core member of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic since 2001. Touring the world with GCPF has enriched the experience and talents of RonKat. He is a super kool team player who is passionate about doing whatever the krew calls for on tour.

    The self-taught musician has been playing percussion, bass, guitar, drums, keyboards and singing professionally since the age of five. Ronkat used to sit in with his dad’s (Lester Spearman) band on congas at age six.

    Ronkat’s professional credit is tall. He has collaborated, recorded and co-written songs with George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Lady Miss Keir, Anastasia, Bernie Worrell, Tommy Lee, Eric McFadden, Henry Rollins, Darius McCrary, Bobby Womack, Shock G. Prince, Brenda Russell, Chaka Khan, El Debarge, Rick James, Lenny Kravitz, Tony Williams, Blackbyrd McKnight, Lamont Dozier, Scarface and you don’t stop...

    D.O.T.M.S. (Dance On The Mother Ship) Ronkat Spearman's new album. D.O.T.M.S (Dance On The Mother Ship) 16 track CD is Ronkat’s latest release. And the album is on The One! “…It is all about the beats for me coupled with a cold melody and good lyrics…” said RonKat about his Katdelic sound. And he didn’t disappoint. With an edgy blend of funk-rock-punk and glam soul, RonKat has pushed the envelope to create a gritty but smooth and dirty but clean next generation funky sound for the Mother Ship’s Intergalactic journey. And the "D.O.T.M.S." title track is perfect for the ride. “D.O.T.M.S.” tracks from 1 to 15 tear the roof off da mutha #ucka. Track 16 'Peace To You' is a slow heartfelt tribute to love ones and friends who have passed on. “D.O.T.M.S.” reminds of the classic backstage scene at a George Clinton and P-Funk concert. The show upfront is usually on fire and in your face but backstage is where the real show is. Those who have been lucky enough to hang backstage of a P-Funk concert know that the party vibe is insanely intense. “D.O.T.M.S.” is insanely an intense party vibe album. Man D.O.T.M.S. is even a tripped-out journey for the Haight Street ‘Change Generation’ types and the stoner contingent from Mendocino County or Weed, California to a Brooklyn – NYC party loft. Pop the CD in and let it spin from start to finish. Then let it loop!

    RonKat Spearman’s past CD releases are “FUNKY NATION”, “CHEDDAR”, “LITTLE MONSTERS”, and “JOY TO THE FUNK” titles. Like “D.O.T.M.S.”, each CD has its own distinctive mood and style which display RonKat's versatility and abilities. It’s like a mountain that creates its own unpredictable micro-weather systems. Each song creates varying degrees of dramatic emotions that take you on a different trip muzikally. The common thread is excellent songwriting and musicianship of tracks which are all written, produced, performed and mixed or co-mixed by RonKat. "I like to keep my mind open to the pulse of the people, because it inspires me whether I am writing a love song, dance song or working on my Katdelic Music," said RonKat.

    Ronkat Spearman RonKat has also taken his acoustic music to the stage. He performs solo in clubs and cabarets on the West Coast. (Shouts to the Boom Boom Room. Put a straight whiskey at the table of John Lee Hooker who incedentally is the best Hooker on the Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame. 'Peace To You' Pops.) RonKat's KATDELIC REVIVAL which is a High Energy, Funky, Rockin Original show that is heating up the club scene in San Francisco region. KATDELIC has an innovative & unique funklectik sound and "Makes 'em Dance". RonKat Spearman is an artist with a dynamic theatrical stage presence, an amazing voice, solid playing skills, remarkable versatility and a foundation that will insure his future in the music industry for a long time to come.

    Shoutz to Miss Gina Hall. It takes a team of at least 25 people to do what you do. Major!! Great job Mama.

    '…Keep On Loving, Keep On Loving, Keep On Loving Until you Die…' '…Mackin With No Hands...' – Ronkat Spearman. RONKAT SPEARMAN is a BAAAAAD KAT!

    'The One' Video : 'Dance On The Mother Ship' Video

    Soul Radics: Nashville-Ska-Rocksteady-Reggae-Punk

    Soul Radics: Nashville-Ska-Rocksteady-Reggae-Punk krew live at EastRev Brooklyn NYC 12.28.12. left to right: Rob Hoskins (Keys; AK Rudies member), Jamie Danish (bass), Dani Radics Casler (throat), Jason Moore (guitz),  Drummy Dave (Drums),  Nels Noseworthy (sax), Shane Callahan (guitz).

    Nashville based SOUL RADICS is kool a road warrior band with a ska-rocksteady-reggae-punk (global rock) sound. It is gr8 to see the 7-member band paying dues and 'Rock It Steady' upwards. Some intermediate bands just complacently play their local scene repeatedly. It is impressive that Soul Radics (who have 9 to 5 jobs and families) have been hitting the road to spread their sound and brand. This is a sacrifice at this stage in the band's career. It is not an easy task driving from Nashville (Nashvegas), Tennessee - USA, to play The Swamp/EastRev in Brooklyn - NYC; then 'Pressin On' to play with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (again) in Boston 12.29.12 (basically on 2013 NYE away from families). Prior to playing Brooklyn, 12.28.12, Soul Radics gigged with Stranger Cole in Chicago, The Aggrolites in Atlanta and Fishbone in Huntsville, Alabama. That is a lot of highway ash marks running straight through the middle of the eyes to the brain. Man there is nothing like seeing the horizon barreling at you at 75 miles per hour -- right guys. (What a wonderful life!) Soul Radics is spot-on doing what it takes to carve out a life-long living out of muzik. And professionals in the muzik biz -- headline bands, talent buyers and managers are taking notice.

    Dani of Soul Radics live at The Swamp/EastRev Brooklyn - NYC - 12.28.12. 'Rude Bwoy you better Think Twice.' Dani Radics is the spitfire spark plug lead throat of the krew. Lead guitarist Jason "Jay" Moore said live shows could not happen without Dani. There is no substitute. The Skinbyrd Pinups gal versatile vocals that include a couple bars of hiphop packs a wallop leading the boyz in the band. She co-wrote some of the songs with Jason. Her stage presence and banter exchange with audience was good at the Brooklyn gig. The folks on hand at The Swamp gig were predominantly Brooklynites. New Yorkers are not easily impressed period. And this is also true for Gotham City concert goers who are generally 'Wound Too Tight' about bands they are not familiar with. It is like this -- a krew must prove themselves worthy. And Soul Radics did just that. The roomful of Brooklynites enjoyed the set skanking, rocking steady and moshing. When the set ended they asked for more! Hey YO. Watz da matta wit' U's? U friggin' nuts numskull? That is the ultimate approval and endorcement.

    Soul Radics' Setlist.Speaking of approval and endorsement... for an up-n-coming band nothing is more important than a successful veteran band giving the nod. Dickie of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones after playing a set in Atlanta - Georgia, got off stage and bought a Soul Radics Tee shirt, put it on and return to the stage for the encore Peeps at Soul Radics gig in Brooklyn NYC at The Swamp 12.28.12 pointing to his chest at the Soul Radics' logo. Dickie went on to invite Soul Radics to open other shows for The Bosstones. This is Mighty Mighty generosity!! Soul Radics are on the right path to elevate to a headlining National act. First, they seems to be hard workers (holding down regular jobs an' all dat). Another important component is they have the "right" attitude that includes respect or good manners and a kool demeanor. That is followed by the krew playing gigs in underground and A-list venues on the tour circuit beyond the borders of their hometown. This is how an alternative band builds a core fanbase -- one by one.

    Soul Radics debut CD "DOWN TO THE HALL" is a tuff product. It is flavored with classic Jamaican sounds mix in with 2tone and third wave vibes. According to Jason, everyone in the band contributed their own flavor to the project. And Dani Radics' vocal style gives these sounds alternative freshness. Tracks started with 'Pressin On' Soul Radics debut CD 'DOWN TO THE HALL': Nashville Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae punk (Global Rock) Sound. which has sparks of Jamaican Revival vocals on top a sultry horns-driven mid-tempo ska beat. 'Down To The Hall' continues in the same Revival (early Jamaican Gospel) vein with a more up-tempo Ska beat that segue to a dancehall bridge then back. 'Rock It Steady' does just that. It rocks you steady with Dani vocals style and slowed riddim accented with a chopped-up dirty sing-jay 16. Nice!! Close your eyes and "Down To The Hall" transports you back to the mid 1960's Orange Street scene in Kingston - Jamaica. Track 8 is a defining message to Rude Boys who disrespect women (sort of like some Politicians in Washington -DC when it comes to Women's Right). The message is women are not second class properties. So "...If you wanna love this girl tonight, you better put that attitude on ice -- Rude Boy you better 'Think Twice'..." "DOWN TO THE HALL" is a tight album that packs a wallop also. Rob Hoskins did a very good job on production.

    Brooklyn audience of Soul Radics 12.28.12 The players of instruments: Dani Radics Casler (throat), Jason Moore (guitz), Jamie Danish (bass), Shane Callahan (guitz), Nels Noseworthy (sax), Drummy Dave (Drums), Rob Hoskins (Keys; AK Rudies member)... Still Building Piece. Please Check Back. With continued artist development and guidance Soul Radics is on their way to be a National Headline act in 4 or 5 years. Do not let me down fellaz. Shoutz to Mikie Sims, one of Nashvegas' pillars on the alternative muzik scene. Send Tennessee moonshine next time man.

    MissIzzzyB Youtube excerpt of Soul Radics' set at The Swamp/EastRev, Brooklyn - NYC 12.28.12 : SkinbyrdPinups Youtube audiovisual of Dani Radics

    Mark Shine

    Mark Shine Defending Human Rights First MARK SHINE ROCSTA MOVEMENT!

    Born in the UK of English (Mom) and Jamaican (Pop) parentage, MARK SHINE was 2 years old when his family moved to Jamaica. Guided by his Grandmother (a school teacher) plus local JA color and culture, Mark was introduced to artistry which helped in developing an early passion for muzik. Mark Shine's appreciation for a wide variety of muzik naturally steered him to identify with different sounds including rhythm & blues, rock, gospel, jazz and reggae. Singing and entertaining enable Mark to represent Jamaica locally and on the international scene via various competitions.

    Mark Shine's muzikal career has taken him to Mexico, Central and South America, India, back to London, and currently here in the USA. The meshing of all experienced cultures helped define Mark's sound and philosophy which has roots embedded in his Father's life as a Church Deacon. Mark's zeal for artistic diversity inspired him to form the movement ROCSTA (Reconnecting Our Mark Shine The Rocksta performing at the Blue Note NYC. Cultural Similarities Through Artistry) Society. Via the ROCSTA vibez Mark Shine expresses his "musical vibe of love" to a wide spectrum of people.

    Listen -- MARK SHINE is not just a mere artist. Mark Shine is an accomplished songwriter, musician, artist and entertainer. Mark Shine has a solid recording history which includes crucial tracks such as "Metamorphosis", "I'm a Butterfly" (got BET Jazz play), "Take me to Jamaica", "One People", "Reggae Rule" and "Stories". Yea! Each track is a storied journey!

    Mark Shine's interests include Family first; the social well-being of people; roller blading in and out of taxis' path on Broadway -- NYC; running marathons in Jamaica; venue management -- the infamous Cat's Reggae Club on the Strip in Cancun, Mexico; bee farming -- producing some of the sweetest honey any where on the Third Rock on Jamrock.

    Check: Mark Shine FaceBook; Rocksta TV Youtube.

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