HR (HUMAN RIGHTS) 2015 GRS Tour/Gig Dates, 11.20.15 Update!

First, HR is now married to Lori Carns Hudson. He has been since October, 2012, and is quite settled. He stopped smoking and is living a straight-edge life with the help of his wife Lori, who is supporting and looking out for dude. That is a great thing. Currently HR is on hiatus from Bad Brains. But he is gearing up to doing four December, 2015 gigs with his personal brand HUMAN RIGHTS -- with Dubb Agents backing. Venue owners, management and fans in Somerville (Boston) Dec. 4th @ Thunder Road; New Paltz - NY Dec. 5th @ Cabaloosa's; New York City Dec. 18th @ Bowery Electric and Poughkeepsie, NY Dec. 19th, 2015 @ My Place on the PK scene.

HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents at Thunder Road at 379 Somerville Ave, Somerville - MA. HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents at Cabaloosa's at 58 Main Street, New Paltz - NY.
HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents at The Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery - NYC. Doors 7pm HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents at My Place at 322 Main Street, Poughkeepsie - NY.


2014 Gigs with D.I.A's Global Rock Showcase:
The first date is at SUNY Oneonta, Oneonta, NY January 18, 2014... Kick off dates are scrolling "up" below.

2014 GRS Tour Dates With HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents (David Corneja, Monk Washington & Miguel Lantegua):
Jan. 18 - SUNY Oneonta College, Oneonta - NY; Jan. 24 - The Haunt, Ithaca, NY; Jan. 25 - The Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY; Jan. 31 - Anchors Up - Haverhill, MA; Feb. 1 - Bogies, Albany, NY; Feb. 7 - BSP, Kingston; Feb. 14, - Altar Bar, Pitsburh, PA; Feb. 15, The Boneyard, Atlantic - City; Feb. 21 - The Social/Webster Hall, NY; April 4 - The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia - PA; April 26 - HOB New Orleans, LA; May 3 - The Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach, VA; Sept. 13, 2014 - The Dairy Field, Bloomville, NY... more gigs TBA.

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"OUT OF BOUNDS" by HR of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) Out Of Bounds Release
All Media Guide Review of "Out Of Bounds".

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"HR IN DUBB" (EP) by HR (Human Rights) of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) HR IN DUBB

"HR IN DUB" CD available on ITUNES, AMAZON MP3. EMUSIC, GOOGLE PLAY and SPOTIFY. "HR IN DUBB" will be live on RHOPSODY soon.


The immortal STALAG 20, 21 & 22 -- THE NEXT GENERATION featuring Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Junior Demus, Ce'Cele, Merciless, Danny English, Egg 'n' Bread, Hawkeye, Chico and more... (Reggae-Dancehall super artists). Project was mixed by Cordel "Scatta" Burrell.

D.I.A's Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - Next Generation Release

All Media Guide Review of "Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - The Next Generation". Available on AMAZON MP3, iTunes, GOOGLE PLAY, RHAPSODY and SPOTIFY:

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(Various Artists)
Inverted Paradox: Various Artists
Inverted Paradox (Various Artists) album is available on:

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Inverted Paradox is a 14 track album featuring HR (of Bad Brains), songstress/model/actress Jez Blak (alter ego: Earth Godessa), the salty, magruff gravel-voiced Junior Demus, Snuupi (great writer courtesy of Kesta Records), Li-On (NYC underground hiphop mic stalker), Roguish Armament (alternative hardcore hiphop pioneers), the great Bobby Culture, Merciless (one of dancehall's best) and Long Island's punk krew Bumfounded.


Roguish Armament
Roguish Armament Alternative Hiphop.

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Keeper Of The Faith. High Priest ABBA TESFA MARIAM. D.I.A Records.

(Various Artists).
"Keeper Of The Faith" is a 100% Reggae Muzik album livicated to High Priest ABBA TESFA MARIAM. Only truely devoted Rastafarian musicians/artists are worthy.

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HR/HUMAN RIGHTS hand-painted tee-shirt front. This design is the latest installment of the Wild Dread design printed and published in 1992.
STREET RAGZ HR/HUMAN RIGHTS hand-painted tee-shirt -- front above -- back below. This design is the latest installment of the popular 'Wild Dread' design printed and published in 1992. Available in long and short sleeves. 100% cotton.
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Street Ragz: Jack Ruby Jr. (Toasters) wearing Street Ragz Hat & HR's Tee.Jack Ruby Jr., wearing HR/Human Rights and Dubb Agents Tee-shirt. This shirt was also screen-printed in green, yellow and red. Jack Ruby, Jr. is the first seed of the legendary producer (Burning Spear) and sound system owner of Ocho Rios -- Jamaica. Jack Ruby, Jr., replaced Coolie Ranx as chief mic stalker for the 2-tone NYC ska crew -- The Toasters. The link was made by Barry D.I.A Long-Keene at the Spring Break 1997, Peace & Luv concert in Nassau -- Bahamas. This was Coolie Ranx last gig with the Toasters. Jack Ruby Jr., gigged with the acid jazz krew The Jazzhole prior.

HR black and white Human Rights 'El Chuco' shirt -- front.

HR black and white Human Rights 'El Chuco' shirt -- back.

Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids On The Block) rocked a  HR/Human Right 'Wild Dread' print tee for Teen Machine Magazine Cover in 1992. In pic left Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids On The Block) rocked a HR/Human Right 'Wild Dread' print tee for Teen Machine Magazine cover in 1992. The shirt's concept is Barry D.I.A/JameKee. Victor Bloise of Conceptual Arts now House Of Dread (HOD) printed the shirt. Paul Smith marketed. As far as boy bands go, NKOTB was basically a board-room krew to target the millions of young tween and teen girls with bubble gum pop muzik back then. But the Bean Town krew were more tuggish than bubble-gum... Ask Mark Wahlberg (Donnie's brother).

H.R (Human Rights) February 24, 2017, (post-surgery) Billboard piece by journalist Pat Meschino.

D.I.A Graff
Fantra Zine

HR by Simone Gill
HR (HUMAN RIGHTS) by Simone Gill .

 Fantra Zine page on HR's Simone Gill article.

Fantra Zine Note: Back in the 80's and 90's when riding through the hood blasting Bad Brains' "Banned In DC" and HR's "Viva Azania," weird looks were the norm. Blacks knew little or nothing about HR and Bad Brains. This was long before the Afro-Punks dude came on the scene. Currently, it is a different story. 25 years later 13-year-old youths on sk8 boards are into HR and Bad Brains -- whites, Hispanic and others. And nuff Blacks youths from the hood are in the mix. Now it is kool and rights of passage to mention Bad Brains. HR's Charge (Charge by HR -- SST label, Quickness by Bad Brains -- Carolines/Virgin label).This is all gr8. Bad Brains is one of the best bands ever. And HR ranks in the same category as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley and Janis Joplin.

Anyways, this his piece on HR was originally published in Caribbean Life newspaper in 1992. (Current titles at the time: Charge by HR (Human Rights) on SST Records and Quickness by Bad Brains on Carolines/Virgin.) Fantra Zine republished the article in 1994 or so. In 1989 HR split from Bad Brains (again), for a few reasons. Dude hadn't any ambition of gigging with Brains. He was tired of hardcore muzik and scene. He was tired of the anger and violence in the mosh pits. And an incident like a young girl at a concert in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania � USA) walking up to the front of the stage and placed a dead rat in his hand while he was performing freaked HR out. HR also said on occasions he was an �angry young man" back then. So he found solace in his Human Rights brand and was recording less energetic and mostly mellow/passionate stuff with Rasta and Reggae at the core... (Still building.)

HR of Bad Brains toasted pic. Simone Gill's article went a lil' so'em like this...

The creation of HUMAN RIGHTS has added another dimension to reggae. Human Rights is the culmination of experiences of charismatic singer H.R. Joseph I, who was also former throat of the hardest hardcore rock band ever � BAD BRAINS.

Unquestionably, Human Rights is of a new genre (Global Rock), as the master himself attempts to pinpoint and explain his own music he stated, �communication is what Human Rights is all about, it's about spiritual awareness and guidance.� The self-avowed Rastafarian has made ten albums and has performed before jam-packed audiences across Europe and United States. Under auspices of Bad Brains� hardcore band, the group pinnacled and received rave world-wide reviews worldwide for their innovative style of music and un-relating high energy performances on stage by their lead singer H.R. This group is well-known for their timely lyrics which deals with issues ranging from human suffering to spirituality and rastaism.

H.R., which is the name he answers to, was born to a Jamaican mother and Afro-American father who was in the United States Air Force and stationed in England at the time of H.R.�s birth. In reflecting the variety of cultures of cultural experiences that is a conglomeration of H.R. the man, he has managed to fuse, reggae, jazz, gospel, funk, punk, and Rastafarianism into a sound that was uniquely Bad Brains, and now has evolved into Human Rights. Although Bad Brains was marketed and appealed mainly to a white audience both in Europe and USA, H.R. managed to transcend all racial barriers. He proved that conscious lyrics are not restricted to the domain of any particular category of music.

However, in spite of Bad Brains success and the financial reward and stability that it offered, H.R. felt he was lead to a higher calling. And so Bad Brains was only a prelude to Human Rights. The final birth of H.R.�s vision and longing to bring to people his potent message of love, peace, unity, and human suffering. And according to H.R. what better medium is there to deliver the message than reggae muzik. Along three other talented young men, Human Rights came into existence.

H.R. explained in an interview with Alternative Press newspaper that he wants to play Jah Music, on a more immediate level. His entire musical experience has been a process of defining his music, and now he has achieved that precise definition in Human Rights.

Human Rights� sound has been described as decidedly American and it's mostly reggae. To others, it is a link between the phenomena of punk and urban rasta. Human rights music is packed with electrifying high energy and has the smoothness and somberness of traditional reggae.

In an effort to explain the phenomena called Human Rights, Todd Avery Shanker of SPIN magazine said, �he reveals the mysteries of the African American cultural identity crises from the perspective (urban) Rastafarian��

Both the music and message are powerful. There is nothing pretentious about H.R. or his music. He brings into focus the impact reggae has had on other cultures.

Fantra Zine Note: In the early 90's, the HR (Human Rights) act was not as intense as Bad Brains' but HR always delivered a consistent lively HR rippin' it a minute ago. show. While performing, with mic in hand HR was jumping 4 feet in the air and climbing in the rafters at The Strand in Redondo Beach, California -- USA. Earl Hudson (drums), Erald "Englishman" Briscoe (bass), Dan "Skitch" Lovett (RIP) or Tico (guitz), and Randy Choice (keyz -- Johnny Gill's former music director) were the BEST musicians HR/Human Rights ever had backed him, (with exception of Earl, Daryl, and Doc as Brains). This was koolest krew HR ever had around him. They all were there humbly for HR as the Human Rights team. Sure they all had indie projects but they were committed to Human Rights. None wanted to sit in the most important chair at the head table like the Pharisees and their girlfriends (like the roster of other artists who backed HR over the years). This includes three Sadducees in Cali who are saying they are legends and were the best to ever backed HR. Legends in their own minds man. There is much to say about artists and musicians who tout or self-anointed themselves as the best! Don't ever underestimate the muzik fan...

Global Rock Showcase with HR & Dubb Agents & Eek A Mouse at Highline Ballroom, Manhattan - NYC, Sunday, July 22, 2007.

Fantra Zine #1 Cover HR's Article was featured in Fantra Zine #1. The page was enhanced by artist Tennyson "Jimmy" Smith sketches. The face of a roaring lion is embedded in the sketches. See if you can find it. Oh yea -- the original Bad Brains' lion was illustrated by Mikey Milton .


HR at Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood - CA: Robert Kenny Pic. HR and JameKee/D.I.A management �gauntlets� go back to 1991. It was not easy. JameKee/DIA was there to support every time HR split from Bad Brains since the Berlin Wall fell. JameKee/D.I.A is a major part of HR regrouping with Brains� core members a few times: in the mid-1990�s Jamekee/D.I.A bridged the "God Of Love" run; in late 1990�s JameKee/D.I.A bridged the "Build A Nation" project run; and in 2006, D.I.A bridged the "CBGB Reunion Run" with the krew regrouping for Oct 09, 10 & 11, 2006, gigs at CBGB closing. That "CBGB Reunion Run" extended to present (2012).

Between each split HR had no interest in working with Bad Brains. But he was always encouraged and pushed to gig with Earl, Doc, and Darryl every step of the way between his personal tours, basically. Between gigging with Bad Brains, it has always been a long process of artist redevelopment. In some cases, fences were mended and new markets were opened. Brands were reinforced! Prior the "CBGB Reunion Run" in Oct. 2006, starting in 2004, it took a year and one-half to get a pro gig at SOB's in NYC, May 28, 2005. That SOB's gig was followed by an east coast tour.

With "Build A Nation" in the can and ready for release, Bad Brains renewed interest in playing with HR, after HR and Dubb Agents played Little Steven VanZant�s CBGB Rally in Greenwich Village, Gotham City August 31, 2006. BB ended up playing three gigs at the closing of CBGB�s 5+ weeks later. Bad Brains went on to play Sasquatch Festival at May 27, 2007, at The Gorge, Washington, and a couple big festivals thereafter promoting �Build A Nation� in the process. JameKee/D.I.A took a hiatus in from HR in 2008. HALF THE STORY HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD! And you will not find it in the Bad Brains' Documentary. The D.I.A segment taped in front of the Viper Room was cut. Hehehehe!! "I wouldn't want to be a friend of someone who would have me as a friend." -- Groucho Marx.

HR has a long history of authenticating and giving bands a chance to feature him on recording projects or sharing the stage as a guest � 311, POD, etc. HR is well revered by peers and talent buyers alike. During the Jamekee/D.I.A management periods especially the Global Rock Showcase events, (it didn�t matter if bands suck or not), as long as krewz had the drive and could help with local or regional promotion, they were given the chance to receive a wide wind of artist development values: billing on flyers/posters and in newspapers; press mentions, solid internet promotions, radio plays, and mentions, plus 15 to 20 minutes to share the same stage with a living legend. Mics and sound were not turned down either. Form Long Island, NY to California the list is tall. JameKee/D.I.A also gave a lot of musicians a chance to back HR � Grant, Jason Browning, Jerry Rights and Pablo Fiasco, etc. With the exception of Pablo Fiasco who toured with ska bands without getting paid � the three other dudes got their first national tour with D.I.A�s Global Rock Showcases as Dubb Agents backing HR. Don�t front niggahz. Say it like it is fellaz.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? One thing for certain some of the bands who played Global Rock Showcases �longside HR got noticed and were stars in their towns/regions. Pro venues started booking 'em plus they were now receiving newspaper and TV interviews. During these interviews they would mention how they played with HR. But there was no mentioned of who manufactured the chance for them playing with and meeting HR. Some krews got big-headed and hyped thinking they had arrived and were bigger than or on the same level as HR. Around here when mofos disrespect it�s like getting caught in a snare. Two of the most important values in entertainment is to say �thank you� and "give due credit." Lots of D.I.A credit-less stuff is posted online where intermediate bands act like they were the big dogs. Whenever these posts are seen D.I.A just snatch the mic like Kanye West and annex just credits. With grinding faith and a level playing field, D.I.A gave up-n-coming bands a fighting chance. It is not worth giving these mad hatters� names life. PROPS and THANKS to the few kind-hearted good friends and acquaintances along the journey. Bigup to Mikey Sims in Nashville, Tennessee - USA, Greta Cornett - Fort Collins -- Colorado, The Berque 505 Krew, The Window Rock Krew -- Stan, Pun, Paris and company, Toby Fatzinger - Phoenix -- Arizona, Angry Mike "The Hardcore Chef -- San Diego," Oscar Avila, Matt and Fuego -- New Orleans - Louisiana, Jeremy Vegan -- Willmington - North Carolina, Carl Hamm -- Richmond - Virgina and Cornerstone Dub Krew in Lincoln - Nebraska, Shark Attack - Houston -- Texas, etc., -- bigups!

HR at Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood - CA: Robert Kenny Pic. Oh yea. There is no "I" in TEAM, but there is "ME". Currently, with all the Hollywood Z-listers around HR, as family the hope is he maintain and sustain. "Fools' Gold" man. It will take another artist redevelopment campaign or two to rebuild confidence in booking agents and talent buyers to make good offers. Fame-hungry "friends and supporters" (who can�t start a sentence without dropping HR or Bad Brains� names) have HR playing �pay-for-play-venues� like the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood twice in less than 90 days like a hopped-up local band. Z-listers (Noel Baker and Grant) have HR playing a Mr. Green gig where parties involved -- Hawaiian Lyon and Scientist (engineer), got paid lovely but HR traveled across the country and didn't get paid. When D.I.A rolls with HR that couldn't have happened. And no musicians could randomly setup guitar rigs on stage and start playing like they are members of the backing krew. Angelo from Fishbone sat in once with his horn but that is a different story. Plus, HR would be playing the Viper Room across the street from Whisky A Go Go. Regardless of size HR would be playing premier venues on the tour circuit.

Hey Joe -- cut the bullshit and ROAR like the LION you are niggah! Stop being the �Poster Child� for posers who do not know shit about the muzik biz. They also do not know the true meaning of friendship or Human Rights. They do not know the importance of maintaining the credibility of the Human Rights' brand. It is the �Axis: Of Evil� inverted nine-nine-nine circle -- and you know that yo. If you were not who you are (a once-in-a-while legend), Z-listers would not be around you man. There are only a couple of people you can count on in Hollywood. One is our friend Marco "Cabrones" Aldaco, Pride Hutchinson, Haile Maskel and Angry Mike. And listen, all the peeps who said they are big HR fans and supporters, should purchase a ticket or two instead of showing up at gigs to sweat free passes or to get on the guest list. That is how one should support their an artist.

Watz up Earl, Doc, Darryl and Skip�? Whaapen???

January 20, 2014 update: HR/Human Rights is rolling with D.I.A and the Global Rock Showcase after a 7+ year hiatus going back to 2007. A new Dubb Agents crew (Miguel Lantigua, David Corneja, and Monk Washington) is backing HR. The first gig was Saturday, January 18, 2014, at SUNY Oneonta College in Oneonta - New York. Gig bookings by Talents Unlimited Booking are being routed in the Northeast, USA going out basically on weekends. These gigs will run through Saturday, September 13, 2014, ending at the Dairy Field's Global Rock Showcase Festival in Bloomville, New York in the Catskill Mountains.

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