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"OUT OF BOUNDS" by HR of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) Out Of Bounds Release
All Media Guide Review of "Out Of Bounds".

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"HR IN DUBB" (EP) by HR (Human Rights) of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) HR IN DUBB

"HR IN DUB" CD available on ITUNES, AMAZON MP3. EMUSIC, GOOGLE PLAY and SPOTIFY. "HR IN DUBB" will be live on RHOPSODY soon.


The immortal STALAG 20, 21 & 22 -- THE NEXT GENERATION featuring Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Junior Demus, Ce'Cele, Merciless, Danny English, Egg 'n' Bread, Hawkeye, Chico and more... (Reggae-Dancehall super artists). Project was mixed by Cordel "Scatta" Burrell.

D.I.A's Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - Next Generation Release

All Media Guide Review of "Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - The Next Generation". Available on AMAZON MP3, iTunes, GOOGLE PLAY, RHAPSODY and SPOTIFY:

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HR: Peace and Justice

Trk: Peace & Justice.


(Various Artists)
Inverted Paradox: Various Artists
Inverted Paradox (Various Artists) album is available on:

as well as via PAYPAL orders: Cost -- $49.99. FREE Shipping & Handling in U.S.A.Overseas add an additional $15. USD for shipping.):
Inverted Paradox is a 14 track album featuring HR (of Bad Brains), songstress/model/actress Jez Blak (alter ego: Earth Godessa), the salty, magruff gravel-voiced Junior Demus, Snuupi (great writer courtesy of Kesta Records), Li-On (NYC underground hiphop mic stalker), Roguish Armament (alternative hardcore hiphop pioneers), the great Bobby Culture, Merciless (one of dancehall's best) and Long Island's punk krew Bumfounded.


Roguish Armament
Roguish Armament Alternative Hiphop.

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Keeper Of The Faith. High Priest ABBA TESFA MARIAM. D.I.A Records.

(Various Artists).
"Keeper Of The Faith" is a 100% Reggae Muzik album in the works. Only 100% Rastafarian artists wioll be featured. Tall order...

Fantra Zine

Obama-Bush image pilfered from Sott.netHUSSEIN OBAMA PAINT WHITE HOUSE GREEN, GOLD n RED...PART IILike coastline altering Hurricane Sandy trashing the East Coast, HUSSEIN OBAMA ruffed up Mitt Romney and the old skool Reps once more and won the 2012 General Election convincingly. It was like an amBUSH. Romney looked composed during his concession speech but dude was imploding like the WTC internally. A couple certain things about the 2012 Election -- it confirms how divided America is along racial lines especially in the Christian-gun-belt States (no surprise -- like it or not racism in all its varying levels is a consistent lifestyle man); plus the 2012 Election finally unveiled the full complexion and sub-groups make-up of the USA. WASPs are basically in the minority. But what is to be expected. For two or three generations, the typical white family has been four members -- mom, dad, and two kids. And Black and Hispanic families -- well they never stop having fun with the horizontal mambo in the bedroom. The result -- 7, 11 and 22-member families. Do the math over two or three generations.

Overall the most important takeaway is -- the USA is #1 and voters are extremely smart. They looked beyond the rhetoric and negative campaigns! Despite voter suppression and efforts to reinstate Apartheid (Minority Rule) in the USA, the majority of the USA voters reelected a half-white man to the Oval Office. America chose the better man for the job once more. And Americans sent a strong message to phat katz who tried to purchase the Presidential Office.

Pushing the boulder up and over the mountain will not be easier. Same obstacles are still in place. But if anyone can move the USA forward (hopefully without decisive partisan gridlock politricks) in favor of all Americans, it is PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Where will Bill O'Reilly�s spin stop after the first 100 days of President Obama �s second term?

So did Sandy played a role in helping to re-elect President Obama? Of course, the super-storm did. And it was right on time. Now, was Hurricane Sandy man-made? YES, IT WAS!! And it is not about mere Global Warming -- or is it. HAARP on this boyz and gurlz. Out in the middle of Nowhere, Alaska (and other locations around the globe) stands an impressive cluster of antennas that transmit infrared beams or radio waves into the atmosphere to regulate weather patterns, etc. Hehehehe. Where do you think all those missing trillions went to during GW�s reign. Oh yea. GW was the greatest President in the history of the USA!

And regarding Colin Powell�s second endorsement of President Obama, like the first, it was symbolic of Reps who supported the President especially since they were not in favor Mitt Romney.

Okay -- so the National Election is over. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! But not so fast...! Jack dat up!! "There they go again." It is time to start campaigning for the Mid-term Elections. And there is no escape. Twenty-four-hour cable news will make certain of that. Q: When do politicians work?



Shepard Fairey ImagePolitricks as usual yo!!!! Hussein has been in Office 100+ days. How do we know that? Well, Bill O'Reilly's The O'Reilly Factor did "101 Day" show segment that was topped off by O'Reilly mentioning how the Prez purchased dogs for his daughters and Joe Biden. (Dog Whistle.) Great entertainment! Geez golly Bill! O' really. That was so riveting man. What were you trying to convey? Was it the fact that Hussein is of "black and white" parentage playing off the color of dalmations, etc., etc. Don't behave like a WWE journalist man. Let DIA produce a few shows for ya man. By the way, are u still chasing pretty young blonds yo... And our beloved Rush Limbaugh thinks he is reppin' the Reps but all he is doing is ripping us apart while securing a second term for Hussein. He had done the same for Fro Bill Clinton who was actually the second black Prez. Sedate the venom Rush. WTF man. Okay -- it makes for good ratings for ya. Watz up man. Did black guys use to beat you up in Junior and High Schools? Seriously dude!

Three things of importance that are highly visible at this point in Hussein's reign. He is behaving more and more like GW with policies and appointees from Secretary of Defense to the new China Ambassador. Actually, there hasn't been a Dems Prez in The House since Jimmy Carter. Sorry to break some peeps hearts but Hussein and BC are bleeding heart Reps yo. And do y'all thing Hussein is soft. Hey might have been brought up like a Wally and the Beaver but the man spent 15 years running with Rev. Jim Wright. Hehehehe! Just think for a moment. Hussein might even turn out to be a great Prez like GW after all. Zeeeen. Needless to say, GW was the greatest punk rock Prez of all times. Secondly, I thought the White House wud have been repainted red, green & yellow like a roadside in Negril structure. If Prez John Hanson were president in these times he wud have done so. But there is HOPE with 200 days left in a more transitional period for results. Dude, at least paint the columns red, green & yellow man. Last but not least -- how come Hussein has not officially invited a Rasta (not even a high society Rasta) or a millionaire Hippie from Ojai -- Cali (who owns expensive properties and sells orange juice and grass extract for 10 bucks a glass) to The House yet. Oh yea... YOU AND UR PEEPS MUST EASE UP THE PRESSURE ON REGULAR CITIZENS MAN. THEY NEED TO BUY HAMBURGERS AND BLU JEANS TOO. THERE IS ENUFF FOR EVERYONE. WHY DOES A FEW WANT IT ALL. AFTER ALL ONE CAN'T TAKE ANYTHING WITH THEM TO THE OTHER SIDE WHEN THEY CROSSED TO THE NEXT DIMENSION MAN. WE STILL HAVE NOT LEARNED FROM HISTORY. Furthermore -- ESPECIALLY NOW A DAYS, NOT EVERYONE CAN GROW CHICKEN AND VEGGIES IN THEIR BACKYARDS. AND NOT EVERYONE CAN GO DEER HUNTING. PLZ... U ANIMAL RIGHTS PEEPS SAVE UR LETTER. JUST CHECK IF YOU ARE WEARING LEATHER SHOES.

And in the meantime -- just tune into the Global Rock sound and vibez. What is Global Rock? Global Rock profoundly the new genre and vibe for today's muzik. FYI: Muzikally, Global Rock is the fusion of two or more genres to get a final sound. For example, Grizz ChapmanAlternative/Reggae/Hiphop, Ska/Punk/Funk/Rock, etc. But hold on BHO. There is more to this wonderful offer. The Global Rock philosophy is -- there is no Race, Class, Age or Gender. It's about Respect, Tolerance, Trust, Loyalty (watz up Colin Powell), Honesty and TOTAL INCLUSION (for most parts)... Global Rock Showcases are like peaceful UN meetings man. And I admit sometimes one must roar like a lion when posers violate. And it's been known to get Grizz from "Third Rock" to help keep folks in line. Actually Hussein shud have appointed Grizz Chapman Ambassador to China or the new Secretary of Defense. Anyway, this is the original Punk Reggae Ska Dub party with Hardcore, Funk, Metal and Hiphop woven in. ACCEPT NO IMITATION by any other name. No mash-up ting Rasta... We bring peeps together without standing on a soapbox to shout it.

5.23.12: Grizz Chapman towers like a redwood tree but he is in need of a kidney. Read Daily News article on Grizz's illness here.

DIA (ain't no CIA) Global Rock In Effect!

(that is what PROS do):

Props to Shepard Fairey and krew for hosting the first jam-packed Global Rock Showcase with HR & Dubb Agents and Norwood (Fishbone) at y'all studio, Downtown - LA. Kool job and congrats on the success of BHO posters regardless...! Definitely an extension of Warhol and Keith Hearing. Graff and street art rules yo. Bigup Pepper. Wuddup Norwood, Angry Frank, Kim "Urban" Wuster and "Dingo" Babush (Spruher IM Rudel). Wuddup Hawaiian "Randy" Lion. Speaking of credit Hawaiian Lion, alwayz give appropriate credit dude. DIA got you ur first major press in the Willmington, North Carolina, USA - Starnews. Bigups to writer Zack Hanner. Got you ur first gigs on the east coast via the Global Rock Showcase also. This includes the Little Steven's Van Zandt's CBGB's Rally gig in Washington Square Park, Gotham City - NY, August 31, 2005. Remember dat brethren! OK man. Say D.I.A gets things done without procrastinating and without narcissistic hype. Say "Global Rock" in full effect man.

MTV.Com image: Little Steven VanZandtSpeaking of appropriate credit. As a matter of fact bigups to Rolling Stone, CNET.com, **MTV News and others for the mentions and webcasts of HR & Dubb Agents 'longside Bouncing Soul, Blondie, Public Enemy, Gavin Rossdale, etc... Man like on several occasions prior, Bad Brains was NOT in the picture with HR. **YO!! **MTV News , on August 31, 2005, at the CBGB Rally HR was backed by the D.I.A's DUBB AGENTS (Skitch -- RIP bro, Vinnie and Joe Corbin), not Dub Trio. Dudes instead of taking false credit, how come you have not told MTV News the truth. (Thought you guys were kooler than that. Gonna give y'all the benefit of the doubt...) Like other members of Bad Brains (Doc, Earl and Daryl), DT's electronic noize krew was nowhere near the park playing on August 31, 2005. Hey YO! It is May 17, 2009, and MTV News still have not gotten the facts straight. You are helping to taint muzik's history for the ages with the wrong information. It doesn't matter if it is old news. Propper credit is the truth. Put up the correct information. WTF!! And fire the reporter/writer Chris Harris, News Director and fact finders NOW!!
Bigups to Felix The Cat Copyrights Owner whomever you are. THANK YOU!

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