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"OUT OF BOUNDS" by HR of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) Out Of Bounds Release
All Media Guide Review of "Out Of Bounds".

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"HR IN DUBB" (EP) by HR (Human Rights) of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) HR IN DUBB

"HR IN DUB" CD available on ITUNES, AMAZON MP3. EMUSIC, GOOGLE PLAY and SPOTIFY. "HR IN DUBB" will be live on RHOPSODY soon.


The immortal STALAG 20, 21 & 22 -- THE NEXT GENERATION featuring Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Junior Demus, Ce'Cele, Merciless, Danny English, Egg 'n' Bread, Hawkeye, Chico and more... (Reggae-Dancehall super artists). Project was mixed by Cordel "Scatta" Burrell.

D.I.A's Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - Next Generation Release

All Media Guide Review of "Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - The Next Generation". Available on AMAZON MP3, iTunes, GOOGLE PLAY, RHAPSODY and SPOTIFY:

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HR: Peace and Justice

Trk: Peace & Justice.


(Various Artists)
Inverted Paradox: Various Artists
Inverted Paradox (Various Artists) album is available on:

as well as via PAYPAL orders: Cost -- $49.99. FREE Shipping & Handling in U.S.A.Overseas add an additional $15. USD for shipping.):
Inverted Paradox is a 14 track album featuring HR (of Bad Brains), songstress/model/actress Jez Blak (alter ego: Earth Godessa), the salty, magruff gravel-voiced Junior Demus, Snuupi (great writer courtesy of Kesta Records), Li-On (NYC underground hiphop mic stalker), Roguish Armament (alternative hardcore hiphop pioneers), the great Bobby Culture, Merciless (one of dancehall's best) and Long Island's punk krew Bumfounded.


Roguish Armament
Roguish Armament Alternative Hiphop.

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Keeper Of The Faith. High Priest ABBA TESFA MARIAM. D.I.A Records.

(Various Artists).
"Keeper Of The Faith" is a 100% roots-conscious Reggae album in the works... Seems it will take a long while to find the right songs by worthy artists for this project...

Fantra Zine


The lyrical, mystical, magical, metaphysical, roughneck Jamalski is a guaranteed master of vibing up the crowd!

Jamalski's classic Raggamuffin Hiphop Hit - 'Jump Spread Out.'

Jamalski live at Global Rock Showcase at Bowery Electric NYC 12.18.15

Jamalski's music pedigree... Jamalski is the son of the great Jazz drummer Leo Mitchell. Leo Mitchell drummed for many Jazz greats including Chet Baker and George Benson. Jamalski's mom Mrs. Geraldine Mitchell has been in professional media also. Mrs. Mitchell who is a very nice lady was responsible for National ad campaigns including the Doublemint Twins campaign. Jamalski is a former artist of Sony and Electra Records. Jamalski rolled with BDP (Boogie Down Production) and KRS-1 back in the dayz...

A bit of history about Jamalski: "First thing is first... my son Marlo-ski is first and I love him more than any fame, music, money or flesh."

Jamalski has performed all over the world, and still to this day travels throughout the globe, MCing across the US, Europe, and Japan. Jamalski appears on two tracks on the PSM compilation "Time's Up" and on the B-side of the first single from that release "True Freedom Fighters" with Rocker-T. He is also featured on "Mi Selecta" with the track, "Rinse Out." Over the past year, Jamalski has been ripping the international rave circuit. The lyrical, mystical, magical, metaphysical, roughneck Jamalski is a guaranteed master of vibing up the crowd!"

"In the past years I was living in da States (Bay Area, West Coast) rolling around playing in raves, drum & bass and hiphop parties. Since 2000 I have been living in Paris, France and playing all over Switzerland, Belgium, Germany Spain, and the UK. As a drum & bass/jungle/hipstep MC the last 2 years have been extremely busy rinsing out d&b, reggae, and hiphop tracks day and night."

Jamalski with Queen Latifah freestyling back in the days.

Jamalski with Brand Nubians, Jr. Demus, Worl A Girl and Charmaine DaCosta at JameKee/D.I.A SOPA gig 6.29.91.Some of Jamalski's important dates in history: 1990: KRS One give the mic to Jamalski on Seven Dee-jay with Boogie Down Production (Edutainment album). On the same year, he performs for the first time in France with notably Cut Killer and Kheops spinning. 1993: First album Roughnecks Reality (Sony) is released 1994: Jamalski launches Concrete Jungle, the first jungle residence in New York City at The Village, alongside Shy FX, UK APA. 1996: Jamalski joins the club and rave scene of San Francisco which is at that time the principal home for Jungle in the US. 2001 Jamalski gets a residency at the Rex Club (Paris) and the world renowned "Black Label" d&b parties for 10-plus years and performed alongside the best!" Just to name a few of the DJ's I MC-ed with -- DJ Hype, Andy C, Ed Rush, Future Prophecies, DJ Zinc, Adam F, Chase & Status, Keaton, Universal Project, DJ Hazard. 2005: Release of Ruffnecks Revenge, first 100% drum and bass/jungle/ragga.

Jamalski and original Top Cat performing at Bowery Electric, 12.18.15 at D.I.A's Global Rock Showcase.

Continuing and building on the same live performance vibe concertgoers experienced at the Bowery Electric, NYC Saturday, December 18, 2015, sharing the stage with H.R (of Bad Brains), Band Droidz and Skarro´┐Żeros at D.I.A's Global Rock Showcase; in 2016, MC Jamalski will be doing more live gigs with Dubb Agents band backing. Jamalski is no joke on stage. Top Cat rock a mic too man.

The original Top Cat from Brooklyn - NYC should not be confused with UK's Top Cat. Man, there is always gonna be isms about artists taking the same name of other artists who have established a specific handle, identity, and brand. (Searches should be done before deciding on a performance name. There is no excuse for assuming the name of another artist today. Google!) The original Top Cat from Brooklyn, New York City wants folks to know he is the original Top Cat. Original Top Cat from Brooklyn - NYC recorded a song for MCA in 1991 and UK TC was being credited for it on Discogs for two years. According to the original Top Cat, the UK TC did nothing about it for those two years. Original Top Cat said -- "I actually have two songs on two major labels including 4th & Broadway/Island (and MCA as mentioned) as Top Cat and had the name before him, so not letting go of it or play second fiddle. I also had a dancehall release on Charms in the UK." The original Top Cat has a sound system called Jahfingers Sound.

Jamalski with HR of Bad Brains at Bowery Electric NYC 12.18.15 at DIA's global Rock Showcase.Jamalski is no joke on stage solo. But he loves to perform with other artists such as Shinehead, Top Cat and Kefaaz from Paris, France. Jamalski and Top Cat nice-up the stage at Bowery Electric, NYC, on Saturday, December 18, 2015, at D.I.A's Global Rock Showcase. It was a great vibe on Joey Ramone Place scene that evening in the LES of NYC. It will be worries and trouble in the clubs, dancehalls and arenas with the rabid mic stalker Jamalski and his brethren Top Cat on upcoming gigs in 2016. The next gig is February 20, 2016, at Don Pedro, in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn - NYC. Folks will be entertained.

BigUPs to Dubb Agents (team 2) backing Jamalski and Top Cat: Mysta Lu -- bass, Steven Repka -- guitar and Hektor Bee -- drums. Bowery Electric pic credit -- Craig Carpenter.

Upcoming Gigs:

Jamalski and Top Cat backed by Dubb Agents at Don Pedro, 90 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn - NY, Sat. February 20, 2016. Doors 7pm. $10. Adm.

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