CHILDREN DYING!!Rastafari know Rocsta... The youths should be fed!!! Every man, woman, and child should never go hungry because there is enough food for everyone. And on deck is the "Begging Industries" (The Scarlet Cross and God fearing Church Groups) who continue to receive billions in donations from good-hearted and generous folks. Where do all the collected funds, food, and clothing go? How many donations really go to the needy?

Yo Rocsta, we know that in poor countries or poor hoods everywhere, after burning a spliff or chewing a cocoa leaf, folks who are hungry use sex to suppress hunger for a little while man. The result is "unwanted" or unplanned children. A part of the solution is we should teach folks to have responsible sex too man. And another key to solving hunger problem is to give people clean water... That should be a top priority of the United Nation. GIVE PEOPLE "CLEAN" WATER. CLEAN WATER WILL HELP ENABLE A HEALTHY LIFE AND PROSPERITY! Think about that!! This should be the broadcast. And if folks wanna donate funds, food and clothing to the needy, do so via the SALVATION ARMY. The SALVATION ARMY helps people in need without the hi-profile hype.

Shoutz to the Rocsta, Mark Shine, Jet, and Upflite who continue to bring awareness to the plight of hungry youths. Lots of respect to 2-tone ska-alternative-reggae/acid jazz luminary, Jack Ruby, Jr., who voiced 'Children Dying' on Bob "Gong" Marley's 'Hypocrite-based" Global Rock hiphop/reggae version recorded at Michael Livingston's recording studio in Harlem, NYC - USA for D.I.A Records. Jack Ruby, Jr., is a former member of The Toasters and The Jazzhole bands. Jack Ruby, Jr., aka Anthony Lindo, is the son of the legendary Jack Ruby from Ocho Rios, St. Ann - Jamaica; plus he Sean Kingston's uncle. Props to Sterling!! Lots of salutes to Mr. Junior Byles, the originator of original 'Fade Away'. Props to radio personality/record producer Prof. Skank of St. Louis, MO (KDHX ) for the Global Rock Radio drop. Ziggy and Gong's seeds easy nuh! Thanks to all the websites where images of hungry/dying children were pilfered from.

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