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"OUT OF BOUNDS" by HR of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) Out Of Bounds Release
All Media Guide Review of "Out Of Bounds".

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"HR IN DUBB" (EP) by HR (Human Rights) of Bad Brains
D.I.A's HR (of Bad Brains) HR IN DUBB

"HR IN DUB" CD available on ITUNES, AMAZON MP3. EMUSIC, GOOGLE PLAY and SPOTIFY. "HR IN DUBB" will be live on RHOPSODY soon.


The immortal STALAG 20, 21 & 22 -- THE NEXT GENERATION featuring Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Junior Demus, Ce'Cele, Merciless, Danny English, Egg 'n' Bread, Hawkeye, Chico and more... (Reggae-Dancehall super artists). Project was mixed by Cordel "Scatta" Burrell.

D.I.A's Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - Next Generation Release

All Media Guide Review of "Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - The Next Generation". Available on AMAZON MP3, iTunes, GOOGLE PLAY, RHAPSODY and SPOTIFY:

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HR: Peace and Justice


Inverted Paradox: Various Artists
Inverted Paradox (Various Artists) album.

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Artists: HR (of Bad Brains), Jez Blak, Jr. Demus, Snuupi, Li-On, Roguish Armament, Bobby Culture, Merciless & Bumfounded .


Roguish Armament
Roguish Armament Alternative Hiphop.

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Keeper Of The Faith. High Priest ABBA TESFA MARIAM. D.I.A Records.

(Various Artists).
"Keeper Of The Faith" is a 100% Reggae Muzik album in the works. Still choosing the right recordings from the right artists who live a true Rastafarian life, for this project. This is a very tall order man...

Fantra Zine

Tennyson "JIMMY" Smith -- Artist.
Originally Published in Fantra Zine #1.

Tennyson Jimmy Smith's Logo. One will not see much pics of Jimmy. This logo is his trademark identity.Jamaican born TENNYSON "JIMMY" SMITH from Harbor View, was a great visual artist. The art/comic world knew Jimmy as TENNYSON SMITH. People he grew up and hung with knew him as �Jimmy." Tennyson �Jimmy� Smith graduated from The School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NYC. He majored in advertising and minored in illustration. Jimmy chose the former and developed his distinguishable painting and sketching technique style over 14 years. One can look at a piece of Jimmy�s work and tell it is his. The Rastaman (without locks) left for Zion in 2010 and is resting in peace. Jimmy left a legacy of great personal artwork for his children Alana and Gary Smith. Watz up mamma "P" aka Pauline � Jimmy�s wife.

Peter Tosh 'No Nuclear War' coverNew York City is the Grand Central Station for the arts � muzik, theater, television, photography and movies. Throw visual arts into the mix also. Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Shep Fairy are all pop art standouts from Gotham City. They all garnered celebrity acclaim from their pricey expressions. Tennyson Jimmy Smith while not poppish like these dudes, is in the same category as NYC-based artists who carved out an expressionist niche in the concrete jungle. Sk8er artist Shep Fairy (currently based in NYC and LA), is a vivid social activist. Shep created the "Obey" cultural identity and Obama's 'Hope" posters. Graffiti style Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat were stand-up Dollar Bill/JameKee Records label: DOCTOR's 'DANCE INNA BROOKLYN' on JameKee/D.I.A MEGATRON ROCK riddim.social activists also. R.I.P fellaz! Tennyson �Jimmy� Smith was a concerned social activist too. Jimmy often expressed his concerns through paintings and drawings. Jimmy "rooed" (was upset, angry) about apartheid, the unjust treatment of Blacks, and the discrimination against the Rastafarian and Reggae by some Jamaicans. Jimmy�s favorite subjects to sketch and paint were Emperor Haile Selassie, the Rastafarian, Jamaica, the African lion and African people. His works emit a gritty soulful vibe (as opposed to being poppish). It is like comparing hardcore to boy-bands bubblegum sound. Wayne Record label: General Leffy's 'Cartoon Style' And while Jimmy�s School Of Visual Arts counterpart Keith Haring was throwing up graffiti pieces in NYC subway and a �Crack Is Wack� piece on a handball wall in Harlem -- Jimmy was painting a mural of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper on the wall of a friend�s restaurant in Richmond Hill, Queens � NYC. Jesus and the twelve disciples were all Black Rastafarians with locks. (I wonder if this piece was painted over.)

Tennyson Jimmy Smith's original illustration of Bob Marly's 'Uprising' albumWhile on the 3rd Stone From The Sun, Jimmy gained respect as the go-to artist for anything Rastafarian, Reggae, Jamaican or African. And he represented the Rastafarian/reggae colors (green, yellow and red) proper; vertically and horizontally displaying them to mimic the protocol of flying the Ethiopian flag. Jimmy's extreme passion for drawing and painting was unfathomable. He would paint, "bun corn" and painted some more and "bun corn" while listening to dub-style reggae. Notable works include Bob Marley's Iron, Lion and Zion graphic novel trilogy (commissioned by Neville Garrick). Jimmy also illustrated a Tennyson Jimmy Smith's original illustration of 'Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - The Next Generation' album. long list of grass-roots record labels, posters, concert backdrops, banners and album covers. Classic album covers include Bob Marley's "Rastaman Vibrations" and "Uprising" (originally done for Ras Tesfa). Jimmy also painted D.I.A Records' "Stalag 20, 21 & 22 - The Next Generation" album cover. Jimmy created distinguishable artwork on projects for Peter Tosh (�No Nuclear War� album cover), Clappers Records (Lister Hewan-Lowe�s label), Jamekee Records, Mango Records, Island Records, Ziggy Marley, Sister Carol, Denroy Morgan and many others.

Jimmy once stated, "...comics like Mandrake The Jamekee Magician and The Phantom (regular features in the Jamaican Gleaner newspapers) got me interested in art. I used to love drawing Mandrake when I was a youth... Velasquez was one of my favorite artists, but no one really influenced me. The characters I am now meeting are from my inner dimensions." Jimmy's hard work and style got him a steady gig painting and illustrating comic books at Marvel Comics. Tennyson "Jimmy" Smith admits working at Marvel was a pleasant compliment to his achievement. "...The late nights and long hours are finally yielding fruits...," Jimmy once said in a casual conversation.

One of the most beautiful things about Jimmy is, he was just a regular person. Although he was mingling with celebs and work being published by a top comic book company -- there was no hyping, bragging or boasting. "Ites" was universally just a kool person! "YES IYAH!!" Soon come "BINGY!!"

Bob Marley Graphic Novel Trilogy: 'Tale Of The Tuff Gong. Bob Marley Graphic Novel Trilogy: 'Tale Of The Tuff Gong.
Bob Marley Graphic Novel Trilogy: 'Tale Of The Tuff Gong. Neville Garrick commissioned Jimmy to illustrate three books for the "Tale Of TheTuff Gong" Iron, Lion and Zion series. Only Iron and Lion were published. Marvel bailed on publishing the Zion book. I've seen the entire body of work for Zion and personally I think it was the best. Ziggy -- publish Zion man!!
Barry D.I.A.

Bob Marley Graphic Novel Trilogy: 'Tales Of The Tuff Gong. LION -- exerpt 1. Characters are chatting 'bout Gong and Scratch.

Bob Marley Graphic Novel Trilogy: 'Tales Of The Tuff Gong. LION -- excerpt 2. In outtake to left, Gong asked Scratch -- "...Scratch, what are you doing with that copy of "Small Axe?" Lee "Scratch" Perry replied -- "...I always plant my new releases! It's good luck. Django is buried under that tree over there..." (Man, Gong an' Scratch neva chat like dat. Funny!)

'Lock Down Hate' illustration by Tennyson Jimmy Smith for Fantra Zine #1. Unplug hate for real!!

One of 2 Man-Thing re-issue covers Jimmy painted.

Warrior Images From Tennyson 'Jimmy' Smith's 'Inner Dimensions' Check out this blog tribute for Tennyson "Jimmy" Smith. It is entitled "The Mask Of Death." R.I.P. Rasta Artist Tennyson Smith .

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